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just a reminder, my bandcamp is full of music for free download. this is the latest, a (mostly) instrumental fingerstyle album.

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*goes to bed at 2am instead of 5am* wow, my life is so in order right now.  i’m making such good decisions for myself and my body and my soul and im so in love with myself for doing this

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one of my favs ever

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Do you ever just sit and stare at your bookshelf and take out your favorite books and feel the covers and slide them back on the shelf or is that just me

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advice from voldemort


  • when you talk to people make sure you’re boldemort
  • put on a sweatshirt or you’ll get coldemort
  • make sure your laundry is foldemort
  • all that glitters is not goldemort
  • make jokes so people can loldemort
  • throw out your bread before it gets moldemort
  • live life to fullest even when you are oldemort
  • don’t always do what you’re toldemort
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The main bae.
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*stares at the lifeless body of the Frankenstein monster*

"Perhaps man is the real monster"

*voice from within the peasant mob*

"Not all men!"

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welcome to The Accidental Shipping Club, where our motto is “I never meant for this to happen to me”

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i hate myself but im still better than you

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I find it really strange that when you’re in a long distance friendship or relationship all you want to do is see that person and being around them is the biggest most wonderful deal but there are people who interact with them
all the time, on the street and in the classroom and in the shops and it always makes me jealous because you want to be with this person so much and for everyone else they’re nothing special but for you they’re everything special

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  • partner: you be the teacher ill be the student ;)
  • me: okay
  • me: write an essay on whether theatre architecture of a particular period always reflects that period's culture. i want it on my desk by monday
  • partner: oh no but... thats such a hard essay... is there anything i can do for extra credit? ;)
  • me: no
  • partner: but professor.... surely then i could... persuade you to extend the deadline...? ;)
  • me: no
  • partner: so... what do you want, professor?? ;)))
  • me: an essay on whether theatre architecture of a particular period always reflects that period's culture. on my desk. by monday
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    Don’t attach yourself to anyone who shows you the least bit of attention because you’re lonely. Loneliness is the human condition. No one is ever going to fill that space. The best you can do is know yourself… know what you want.

    -White Oleander  (via yourlifeisyourmessage)

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